Internship Question #2

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In the book “Careers in the Media,” you need to read/review the following:

  1. Read Chapter 1 for an overview of the industry
  2. Read the chapter related to the area you are most interested in working in. This may or may not be connected to your internship.
  3. Throughout the book, there are Personal Profiles in which people describe how they got their job. You should read these whether they are in the chapter related to your area of interest or not. They provide helpful tips for job hunting.
  4. Read Appendix B: Employment websites

After doing the reading and reviewing the job search web sites, write an action plan for the next steps in your career based on what you learned. If you are graduating, what do you need to do over the next two months in order to land a job? If you have a year or more before your graduate, what do you need to do to best position yourself to be successful when you do graduate?

Be specific. This should include everything from research you need to do on companies, to how you will improve your resume, to how you will put a plan together for networking within the industry. The more thoroughly you think about this (and then hopefully execute it), the more likely you will be to land the job you want. (You may bullet point your action plan, but the bullets should have some substance– For example, “Revise resume” is not an acceptable bullet point.)

If you have questions, come see me during office hours.

This assignment is due Monday, April 2.

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   Nelson Torres

March 31, 2012 @ 7:28 pm

I have to admit. I am finally relieved that my experience at Queens College is about to come to an end soon. No more papers, no more reading one hundred page chapters, no more pulling all nighters studying for finals, mid terms, quizzes etc. No more working on editing, animation projects, or other projects. Commuting to school was also cumbersome for me because I live all they way in the northern most part of the Bronx. And the tolls and gas money, buying books and supplies leaving me well over my personal budget since I live on my own.
On the other hand, I will miss the challenges that I faced while in school, creating projects from scratch under the guideline of my professors, the camaraderie, the support I received from all my professors (whether they were media studies or not), the projects, and the beautiful campus and the resources that were available to me.
But after doing this internship and scouring for other jobs that are related to my interests I can’t help but wonder if I got enough education to fulfill the requirements of the New Media field that I so want a career in. For example, there are many available positions it the new media field that require the knowledge of certain applications such as DoubleClick DFP, OAS, AdTech, FreWheel, etc. And that is for tracking social media trends which is the new thing right now and that isn’t taught at QC in any of the media classes. As someone who wants a career in videogame production, and a Media and Film major at Queens College, I had to take many other classes outside of my major’s curriculum because I felt that I needed a big an edge to compete in this ever evolving field.
I have studied the industry for many years. I have read countless of articles of how the industry works, followed many experts on the industry, studied the trends, watched interviews of how developers and producers got into the industry, (hint: many of them are not computer science majors at all, but film, philosophy and even medical doctors). Although most of the creators of videogame have come from different schools of thought, they all have one thing in common, and that they all have a passion for the art. Unfortunately while there are many people who also have this passion, there just aren’t enough positions available in this field. Most jobs that are available are either programmers or computer artists. And because that there is a huge demand from programmers especially, one can make a lot of money becoming one, do to the fact that there are few people who are skilled to do this and the nature of the job. Who wants to sit in front of a computer and type millions of line of code anyway?
I believe the best approach to this industry as writer and production is to intern at your favorite company and make your connections with as many people as possible. Writing is key in this field. And there’s lots of writing. This allows you to build up your portfolio and get as much experience as you can. It is also very important to learn all the aspects of the business. Like Film and TV, there are many layers of production that take place in the process of videogames. From brainstorming ideas, to marketing the product to an audience, there are jobs that are geared to people who love videogames that are not experts in programming and character design.
The more experience you get, the better your resume will look to the people doing the hiring. But the key is to get as much experience as possible and it is very difficult to get those desired positions. In my experience, the department I intern at was looking for someone who not only possessed certain skills, but someone who has a passion for games in general, and that is something that I have. I believe that my knowledge of not just games but my years of research has helped me land this position. Also they were very impressed by my ability to express my view on the future of gaming and its upcoming trends. One must also research not only the jobs you want but also the companies and the products they produce. These are products after all and the purpose is to make money.
Despite of the connections you will make interning at a place and the experience you will receive from doing, there are no guarantees that you will land a position there. This is particular difficult especially if this is the only internship you ever done and it’s the last semester of school, which is my case. I have been applying to as many related jobs as I can at the Viacom website. Unfortunately many if not all require the knowledge of certain applications as I stated earlier, which are not being taught at my internship and worst of all some positions require years of experience which I don’t have. This internship is the only media related subject on my resume. Fortunately for me, my supervisor and I hit it off very well and promised to look out for me. It should be noted that it helps to have a great attitude toward your internship since teamwork is key to working in anything production related. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t get along with others. Reputations go along way in this industry no matter how talented you are.
Finally, your resume should be updated with every skill you learn. Most places that you apply at will be filtered through software, They are certain key words that catch peoples eye, I’m still trying to figure that out myself. Make sure it is up to date and try to learn as many different skill sets as possible and depending on the position you apply to, its good to have the skills they are looking for.
My advice is to learn as much as you can, whether in school or at work. While its good to keep updated on certain pieces of software, one must remember to view them as tools of the job. Also it might be a good idea to take classes outside of school that specialize in those certain skills that I mentioned earlier if they are available in the time of your internship, just in case. And did I mention writing skills?


   Danielle Bailey

April 2, 2012 @ 2:42 pm

As I’ll be graduating in May, I have put a lot of thought into what I will be doing to secure a production job upon graduation.

•I delayed my graduation until this semester in order to take on this second internship as I know how valuable experience in the field is and I wanted to have both production and post-production experience under my belt before going off into the workforce.

•I also took two additional production classes this semester, one specific to television, in order to have a better understanding of the industry and help me work through this internship.

•I’ve worked at making connections with my co-workers as well as my fellow interns. On Wednesday morning I will be attending Viacom’s End of Semester Forum where we will be learning the best way to format resumes/cover letters and a recruiter will be there to discuss open positions and interview strategies. This will also be a great place to network.

•I’ve also spoken to my supervisor about strategies for getting a position upon graduation at my mid-term review. He said that I am known beyond production, which is very good, so I should spend the rest of this semester strengthening the connections I have while attempting to make new ones.

•Also, I have set up a LinkedIn page, but haven’t done a lot with it. I know that I will have to work on it to make it look professional so I can use it as a networking tool when this internship is over. There is another site called ProductionHub that I just found, but the skills of those looking for jobs are far beyond my own, so I will need to research this further. I will also be asking around to see if there are any other good websites on which to network/find production jobs.

•Aside from researching positions at VIACOM/MTV, I am researching other local networks, such as NBC and HBO to see what positions they have available and the experience level they are looking for. By the end of this week, I will be submitting resumes. Hopefully, after all of this, I will have a position in place upon graduation!


   Danny Valverde

April 2, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

Since I still have some time before graduating, I want to make good use of that time. From what I have experienced and learned so far, there are certain things which I must do, and plan to do, in order to be successful in a media career.

• The first step I have already completed by having a couple versions of my resume because I know a specialized or specific resume is more efficient than a general one. There are words, descriptions and even entire jobs/experiences that can be added or removed for specific jobs. It’s important to remember that while connections are important, nobody is going to hire a completely inexperienced person. The resume must appeal to the position and show abilities or skills which match well with it.

• Connections are a HUGE part of the media industry (both to start a career and during its lifespan). Practically all of the personal profiles from the textbook show that. Most Fridays we have what is called “Intern Friday” hosted by different people/departments. Here the interns get to have a meeting with people from all different departments and discuss the aspects, details and specifics of what they do. One question always seems to come up: “How did you get your job?” Almost in every instance I can recall they have answered that they sort of just fell into it. They started off at an entry level, many as interns, and got to know the right people. Eventually by being at the right place and at the right time they attained a higher job. Through my internship I’ve already made a good foundation. I’ve gotten friendly with the publicists and interns – eventually, when I’m ready to look for a job they may even be able to help me, at which point if they need some favor I can manage to do for them through my position, I’ll be able to help as well. Like Danielle, I’ve also recently made a LinkedIn page hoping that this will be a helpful networking tool. Although I have not been very active on it thus far, I plan to do so and use it as a career tool.

• I am considering taking on a minor which I can apply to my studies in media. I’m considering journalism but am still looking into it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete it in time or if this is the right minor for me. (Suggestions?) More educational experience can’t hurt. However, I am also making sure to take advantage of everything I learn from my internship. Like one of the publicists told me in regards to this type of career: “You’ll learn more on the job than in school.”

• Once I go looking for jobs I should always remember to be realistic. Entry level positions are the gateway into higher positions. That’s how you build your connections, gain experience and eventually have better access to the media world. For example, one of the girls who interns with me just got hired as an assistant and will start when she graduates in May. She was referred by people she had worked with and was given the opportunity to interview for the job. This is an amazing starting point, especially to have immediately upon graduation. Eventually, she will probably have an opportunity for an even higher position.


   Alisha McLean

April 2, 2012 @ 7:27 pm

Since I am a graduating senior, my action plan for the next steps in my career based on what I have learned would be to strengthen my journalism skills during my gap year to become a stronger applicant before I apply to Journalism school. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with an admissions counselor at the CUNY Graduate Center for Journalism.

I plan on applying to the CBS Page program this month, which would give me a taste of each department throughout the CBS Diversity Branch. It would be a good program for me to get into because it is paid, it would help strengthen my journalism skills and provide diversity in terms of the various departmental opportunities for work because everyday my department could change. This is great because I am still trying to feel out where I should focus career wise.

The book gave me more ideas about other job related fields I would like in the field of Motion picture, Video network industries, and Radio news

I also have to Join more professional organization and check out their job opportunities list. The three I have in mind are Asian American Journalist Association, National Association for Black Journalists, and Association for Travel Writers.

I will also continue to discus job options and opportunities with my career advisor in the Career Development Office.

I recently attended the recent QC career fair. Now I am focusing on following up with the different organizations such as Katz media group, Likeable Media and 1 on 1 Academic Tutors. Right now I am in the follow up process and have an interview scheduled with 1 on 1 academic tutoring for next week.

Other job options are focused on gaining Abroad experience mainly through adventure camps and jobs that aid in free travel. I am still in the application process with that. These jobs would provide me with transferable (communication, leadership, and organizational) skills needed in my industry.


   Shahida Hossain

April 2, 2012 @ 7:46 pm

I actually read the entire text of the Careers in Media textbook for two reasons; first, because it was very interesting to read about the media industry and second because I could not pin point my career choice in any one of the chapters. I am not 100% sure as to where this career in media will take me since I have multiple interests and want to explore a couple different options before I tie myself down. Ultimately, what I do know is that I have a strong passion for telling stories through media, whether it is through writing or through the format of video. This is why I don’t know what chapter my career falls into, it could be Chapter 2: Print Magazine, and Photojournalism, because writing for a magazine or newspaper column would be awesome, or Chapter 4: Television and broadcast video because I would love to write or video edit for a television series or sitcom, or is it Chapter 6: Motion pictures, because I would love to one day write a script and edit video for a short film. So I just ended up reading the whole textbook.

The overview of media careers chapter made me realize that I am not alone in my career path confusion and that many students have trouble planning for a career, it explained that one must clearly plan out their career objective before they start looking for a job.

“Lucid and thoughtful consideration must be given to a career choice, as well as an understanding of the trends outlined in occupational projections. One of the shortcomings of post-secondary education is the failure to realize this premise. Training is not the same as planning for a career. Although the training is expected and relevant, planning and realistic goals are essential” (pg.10).

After reading this I realized that even though I have yet to decide what career I want to dive into, I need to better organize my goals and come up with an action plan to put myself in the best position to acquire a job after college and be successful within the media industry.

• My first priority is to graduate PERIOD. This includes getting A’s in all my classes because I want to keep up my grade point average so I can graduate with magna cum lade honors. This is a personal goal for me and I have been strictly abiding by it throughout my bachelors degree, so I hope I can keep it up for one last semester. I believe that a higher GPA will give me an edge against the highly competitive job market. Although actual work experience and hard work will only guarantee a full time job, a good Bachelorette track record can make employers choose you out of the bunch.

• Right after I graduate I want to spend my summer looking for a job. I have already done 3 internships so I think I have enough experience working for free and its time I start looking for a real job. I will have to start at the bottom and seek entry-level positions at different companies. I will research different companies to find opportunities and also get educated on the companies so I will be ready in the case I get called for an interview. I will use different job searching databases such as the ones listed in the textbook to help me reach a broader market. I will also use the connections that I made in my internships to help me find a job. This job-searching step also requires multiple other steps including; creating a portfolio of my work, which includes a resume, cover letter, reel, writing samples and recommendation letters. I will seek help from the writing center and the career development and internships office to help me edit my resume and cover letter. I will have to look through my best writing and choose one or two samples in case any employers might ask for writing samples. I will also burn all of my best video work on a single DVD reel; this includes creating a menu and title slate. This will hopefully show prospective employers that I have a good amount of experience editing and shooting video. After I do all of this I will send out resumes everyday, the secret to job hunting is persistence, so no matter how long it takes I will be reworking and revising my resume and sending them out constantly.

• In order to find a job I will continue to network within the media industry. This includes creating a LinkedIn account and joining other networking sites, which will put my name out there and highlight my skills and experience. In the very likely case that I don’t find a job within the summer I won’t waste time doing nothing. There is always work out there if you are willing to work for free, so I will continue to do internships, which will allow me to get into a media environment and meet people within the industry. The more I network the more likely someone will notice me and offer me a job. In my current internship at Queens College’s Communications office there are many college assistant positions available so I will definitely use my experience and networks here to try and get a college assistant position. It is an entry-level position and pays a weekly salary so it’s a great place to start! It will also add to my experience and hopefully be the next step to getting a better job.

• Alongside my job search my summer will also be spent applying to graduate school. I know a lot of people say to find a job before going into grad school but I really want to continue my academic studies. I feel that if I start working I will be distracted from completing my masters so I want to start early and finish early so I can concentrate on my career. I feel that I can have a better understanding of my career path by taking graduate courses. Also, a master’s degree will put me in a better position to get a better job. To do this I need to start researching different grad school programs, which offer courses in media writing and editing. I have looked into a few schools and I hope to visit these schools and speak with the departmental supervisors to get a better feel of what the university has to offer and to experience the school personally. I also need to work on the application process, which includes a personal essay and recommendation letters. So I will be very busy writing a rock solid essay and tracking down professors.



April 3, 2012 @ 1:47 am

Careers in Media has given me a lot information about the media industry however the advice on finding a job fell a little shot for me. After taking various media classes and talking to my professors, advisors and mentors I already knew the answers to most of my questions and the book did not help much. I found it repetitive and not helpful because they described every field of the media industry to be tough.
In every profession today people want hands on experience, credibility and credentials, and well I am working it. Besides my internship with Danielides Communications, Inc. I have in the past worked as an intern for two Law Offices. As such, I know how to work in professional settings, however, working with Danielides Communications is helping me understand more about the Public Relations sector. I do feel the need to do another internship with another PR company or any other media related internship at this point. I formed a list of things to do before I graduate over the summer.
• Use my internship with Danielides Communications as a credential and list the type of work I do as an intern in my resume and cover letters. Explain how I learned more about PR through my internship as well as my paper for this class.
• Make my objective in my resume more clear and simple for the type of job I am looking. An entry-level job in PR, such as Copy Writer or Research Executives. At the same make additional resumes and cover letters for any media related internships. Experience is key.
• Look for jobs and internships on various websites like craigslist and monster. I did look into some of the journalism career websites that the book offered and they looked great. In the book they said writing skills are really important, especially in PR. I would not mind working as an intern at a print media outlet because it will help me in the long run and on more experience.
• I want to work on two written pieces that I can hand in along with my reseume and cover letter so that my interviewee can see my writing skills. I want to work on fake press release and/or a monthly mailer type of piece.
• I want to use new media to my benefit and make a twitter, instagram, tumblr account and/or create my own blog (one of the employees at Danieldies had a college fashion blog). I did recently create a linkedln account but I am still in the process of connecting to at least 100 contacts by the end of the month.
• Say yes to everything. Be prepared to work long hours and maybe even ask to work a few more hours at my internship. I am glad that I am moving past the researching faze at my internship and doing some writing. I am going to be setting up an appointment with the career office in QC to work on interviewing skills. Definitely be positive about this entire experience because I know that I will not nail my dream job the minute I graduate.



April 3, 2012 @ 4:37 am

As most seniors about to graduate from their Collegiate career, job opportunities and life after college is on their minds. I’m no exception. As I approach the May 30Th mark, I look towards my future and see there are many questions that are still left unanswered. As a Media Studies student, I have been able to explore many fields, such as commercial production, media performance, advertising and production. With all these options my want and desires to pursue a career in these fields have increased. From reading the book, I can see mistakes I have done when someone would ask me what I wanted to do with my life in the professional world. I have said “I want to do something with T.V. or radio”. Am I interested in interesting things? Of course! But unfortunately, what I said was so vague and broad.

My internship is a creative aspect of television and broadcasting, even though I am part of the off-air creative group. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been giving because I was able to receive knowledge on one field of interest I have. With this knowledge, I can apply that to a job for that type of field position. I can also use this experience to help guide myself in a direction that would keep me motivated and driven, because just like the book said, that is a key element, in addition to your skills and knowledge of your work. In the next two months there is a lot of work to be done on my behalf. As I said earlier, I have been giving the chance to learn different aspects of media studies and the industry and with all this at my fingertips I have chosen 3 fields or job opportunities I am interested in going.

The first job opportunity is the performance aspect of media. The book has this in the category of Production. The book also says that for actors, “The actor portrays a character and interprets character roles in the production of motion pictures. Acting is one of the most competitive and highly selective occupations in the motion picture industry, and it is also one of the most highly sought after.” (Barnas, 64) For this career path, I have realized I wanted to do this since I left my high school. Acting has always been a passion of mine. Being able to make an individual smile, feel happy, cry or feel anger is something that amazes me. It is what makes acting worth while. As the book says, it is very competitive and highly selective, and in that sense I need to work my tail off. I have been fighting for my dream by going to many auditions. I actually have started using for about a year to two years now. I was pretty glad to see the website in the appendix B. This passion of mine to go into acting has lead me to a desire to perform in camera. And in the media world, there are other positions that are on air. Such as Sway from MTV News, I would love to go in that direction or even become an anchor. In order for me to accomplish these goals, I need to do research. I would look up what news rooms or news companies are all about. I would take my research and apply that to my resume and to my interview.

My second and third job fields I am interested in going to would be the promotional side of television and advertisement. I put these two jobs together because I feel that they are on a similar platform, even though I know they are two different things. I have knowledge already about promos due to the fact that, that was what my internship was about. Not only though, does my internship knowledge help me, but my knowledge of classes also helps me. In my class for commercial production, I had to do and still have to do three projects. A PSA, a local spot commercial and a national spot commercial. Since I have started with these, I had an upper hand on other interns that work with me because I have done scripts and done editing and more for this class. So this was a great step in assuring my strengths for this job qualifications. For in terms of advertising, I feel that I have done this and practiced on this with my projects for local spots. Advertisement agencies help companies promote the image and style they want to portray. With my commercials and ideas, I was able to practice on things like that. An example is portraying a bowling alley to be a family friendly place. There is more to advertisement then that and there is more to off-air promos then that, but what I have done is a good stepping stone. I need to do more research on a company to assure a job with them. For an advertisement agency, I would look at who is there biggest client? what is the image of the agency based on what companies they work with? Research questions like this will help me get a head start and a knowledgeable start to obtaining a job in a company I apply for.

I know that having so many interests does not seem appealing to many people, but if they are all my passions and interests and I prove to work hard on all of them, then there is no need for me to not succeed in any of them. In order to succeed in anything in life, you need to be prepared. In order to be prepared you need to research about whatever you want to do. You take and apply the knowledge you learned from that research and this will be what gets me prepared and qualified for a job.


   Talia Schizzano

April 3, 2012 @ 4:46 am

The main point I am going to talk about is networking. I have learned that networking is a HUGE part of creating a career and getting jobs, and a successful tool. I have already started to do so, and I am relieved that I have been able to. Already, I have gone on a few PA jobs and gotten paid for them. I am blessed to have learned a lot while having a fun time with a production team. I also know that I still have a ton to learn, and I feel for me, internships are the best way to learn. There is a motion graphic artist at my internship who is 21 years old, he never went to college. He learned After Effects on his own and got so skilled from experience and now has a fantastic job. I am going to continue doing internships even if I don’t get paid. I also have an opportunity to do paid projects with the company I am at now during the summer, so I may do that part time as well. I feel that networking is still the major influence in this field, branching yourself out and going on the job you may not want to go on will help in the end. The more people you know, the more knowledge you attain. My resume will be updated every time I go on a job to show my experience. I am also reaching out to more people that I do not talk to on the jobs, and I am learning so much from them. They all have connections that can help us all for our futures. I have been constantly checking websites like ProductionHUB,, for jobs that I can go on to get more experience. It is really helping me by going out there. I also have found a company composed of college students that want to help underground artists, and that is my dream job. I am so pleased to find this information out, and will continue to make efforts and writing emails. I feel that the more experience I have, the more chances I am able to land the job that I want. I am more concerned about working somewhere that I enjoy than working somewhere that just pays well.



April 3, 2012 @ 6:50 am

My current internship has been a truly invaluable experience and I know they’ll be a great reference for any jobs I apply for in the future. The president of the company was recently impressed with some research I had done for her on the Asian-American nail pro community and she started giving me other research projects, all of which I’ve really enjoyed! (My favorite one was internet stalking possible candidates for the Senior Account Manager position)

In the four months I’ve been there, the Account Executive moved to Chicago (she still works for the company and now operates as our one-man Chicago office), and the Asst. Account Executive and the Senior Account Manager (who had been there for nine years) have both left for other positions. I feel very fortunate to have been present through all this as I got to watch the hiring process for both positions. Having seen the credentials of many entry-level applicants, and having worked closely with the girl they hired for about a month now, I’m confident I’d at least be able to get my foot in the door at a similar firm (and there are many).

Though I’ve done a lot of excellent work for them thus far, there’s a critical component of what they do that I haven’t even touched on, which is media relations. Given that, I’ve set a few goals for the time I have left there:

Study past pitch letters and on the company hard drive and offer to help draft any new press material.
Pay attention to the Asst. Account Exec’s post-pitch follow up calls with editors.
Contribute posts to the company blog once it’s launched.
Explore clients’ Facebook Page Insights and keep up with social media activity.

Once I graduate, I’ll be staying in San Jose, CA for about a month (or more). There, I’m going to learn all I can about technology PR and apply for any jobs in the field if they seem feasible. The friend I’ll be staying with is an engineer at Google, and I’ll meet his friends, almost all of whom are involved in the tech. I’ve also recently met the co-founder/CEO of NOLOH, a web development platform company, who has offered to let me attend some industry events with him before my trip.

I’ll primarily be looking for beauty writing jobs at online publications where I feel I’d fit in, both in terms of content and corporate culture, as well as entry-level positions at PR firms specializing in my areas of interest. I check Mediabistro’s job listings regularly and will start applying for jobs in NY while I’m away.


   Mary Fetters

April 3, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

My internship at Sumneva has given me exposure to marketing tactics within the software industry. It has also helped me network within this industry: put me in a better position to interact and meet relevant contacts as well as learn how to promote myself. I’ve had the opportunity to work with everyone at Sumneva and I have solidified two great contacts that will write me reference letters. Additionally, I have had the chance to get to know some of their clients, prospects, and partners. One of their clients, SAIC, a large government consulting company, was very pleased with my work ethic when I was asked to liase and coordinate all communications for an event we co-hosted with them in New York City. The lead manager at SAIC will be sending my resume to their marketing department with a personal recommendation. The upside is it is a great company, the downside is their marketing department is located in Washington D.C. however I’m open to moving anywhere for a good job.
I’m close to graduating soon. I will walk in May, however I still have one more class to take this summer to finalize my 120 credits. My next step is to pursue another internship this summer and a job starting in the fall. The networking will be key as I can see how beneficial it will be for me to make contacts during hands on projects at an internship. Research and networking will be important skills to sharpen as I look for a job. My current action plan will be to focus on obtaining another internship at SAS Institute, one of the top Business Intelligence companies in the field selling advanced analytics. My brother and a close friend work at SAS currently and have emailed my resume to several different departments. The Corporate Marketing Department does do summer internships and sounds hopeful they can find an opportunity for me as an intern.
Over the next month, I will be updating my resume to include marketing projects (outbound marketing campaigns, helping coordinate a local event, and assisting in the creation of new customer reference materials) from my internship at Sumneva. I will also look to quantify and measure my work output as referenced in the Careers in Media book when possible such as number of daily calls made for the marketing campaign and meeting tight deadlines. I will research SAS Institute thoroughly and make sure I know the company’s history, its products, and their major competitors in the market. My brother has gathered market intelligence internally for me to review and suggested several websites to gather more information. He has been very helpful in translating the terminology used in the collateral. My background working at Oracle helps me with the technical jargon, however, there is still a lot more for me to learn. This industry has a language of its own and loves acronyms! I do have two contacts in the Corporate Marketing department and I will request via email marketing intelligence data and helpful websites to research. Interning in that department will be extremely insightful and beneficial.
Another key to my success will be to leverage my prior work experience at Oracle and IBM in my interviews and conversations with people. This is another reason I have decided to concentrate my research and networking in this vertical. I will be creating an excel file of all previous employers, contacts, clients, colleagues, and friends and their contact information from the software industry to help me track where they are now and how they might be able to help me. My goal will be to reach out to each of these contacts and start a conversation. I will look to promote myself and develop a network that includes who they might know or what they recommend as it relates to finding a job in the marketing field within the software industry. Facebook and Linked In will be great for gathering information and looking for trends on old colleagues’ resumes that have stayed in the industry. My brother is also sending me a list of industry specific websites for company research as well as industry specific websites for job opportunities. He also is sending me four recruiters in the Northeast that may or may not be able to help me but I will send them my resume and initiate a conversation.
On the job training (both previous work experiences and the internships) give me confidence, make me more marketable, and help me meet important contacts. Honing in on the software marketing industry, focusing on my action plans to research and network diligently, and staying aggressive will be my daily mantra’s. All my efforts at the next internship at SAS (fingers crossed) will be focused on finding an open opportunity at a department within SAS or with one of their partners or clients.


   Alexis Futoran

April 3, 2012 @ 8:07 pm

My internship began like a whirlwind. I was swept up in a ton of new information. After becoming more settled into the office and getting a hang of the daily routine, I have realized that in order to gain job opportunities in the media industry you need to be able to offer so much more than the ability to take on the daily tasks that were already in place before you entered the office. In order for me to actually obtain a job in this industry I need to educate myself outside of school. Sure, school has taught me all of the most important theories about ideas that are 70s years old but what I need to be focusing my energy on are all of the ideas to come. What is the next big thing to change the industry? How does it work? Why is it going to create so much change, etc.? Educating myself on the industry is a task that I will have to continue doing my entire career. The following are some steps I plan to take in order to position myself for success:

– I am going to immediately update my resume. My resume is currently Psychology based because I had originally planned on becoming a forensic psychologist. I need a media specific objective and I definitely need to add all of the production experience I have obtained from the classes I have taken. Also, I need to add both of my internships to my resume. Before my current internship, I interned with the media and press department of the Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano’s campaign team.

– I also have a LinkedIn account that I would like to make better use of in order to stay in touch with my fellow classmates. Being in touch with them will only help me network further. I have learned quickly working at a record label just how necessary networking is. In this industry, if you don’t know someone then you no one knows you and if no one knows you then you don’t exist.

– I also plan on making a reel of all of the video editing I have done at my internship in order to organize all of my work.

– My next step would be to apply for one last internship before I graduate. I am interested in interning at a recording studio. I believe by doing this I will be able to gain experience in the part of the industry I am most interested in.

– After completing a third internship, I believe that I will have enough experience to start actually being paid for my work. I will then finish up my degree and start my job search. My current internship supervisors have offered their help looking for future internships associated with this label if I am interested as well as informing me of open positions.


   Tangila Anowar

April 4, 2012 @ 12:17 am

I found chapter one of the text “Careers in Media” extremely insightful. The statistics of men and women entering jobs in the television network sector is highly selective as I had initially considered. The current job market is obviously very competitive and securing jobs can be tough. I realize that to separate yourself from the pack, you must have your skills sharpened and offer a broader range of proficiencies in order to gain advantage over the other jobseekers out there. I adapt my resume for each particular position I apply for. I understand now that a simple addition or exclusion of a past experience can greatly appeal to the specific opportunity being looked at. Throughout this school year, I have been discovering that every job leads to the next job because every occupation teaches something. No matter how mundane the task or simplistic the routine, a lesson is there for absorption. All the customer service or retail positions I have held in my past has helped me transition more comfortably into a more professional setting where I need to display a certain amount of interpersonal finesse.

When I am not working at the studio at ABC, I am at the offices. There are many days when there is a lot of down time which gives me the chance to really grasp the structure of the departments and the interworking’s of the hierarchy. We are free to roam around and ask anyone if they would like any form of assistance, which gives me the lead-in to have conversations with many of the staff and understand their background. Most people I have gotten to know are very approachable and helpful. I listen very carefully to the advice given to me, especially because I am already looking for jobs that will start after I graduate in May. I know that a degree and a few internships still may not be enough, but I am determined to not give up if I do not find a full time stable job. I am always open for freelance positions and will take what I can get while waiting for something with more security.

I am currently planning on going to a media seminar that is presented by The Center for Communication, which is a media forum that primarily hosts workshops and lectures for people who want a deeper understanding of media as a career. The website was recommended to me by the Production Coordinator at my internship. This will be a great way for me to network and to come into close contact with leaders in the industry and explore for job options for myself. I have already been using all the websites in search of an appealing position that will start in the summer or later. I have been working on my cover letters for the positions already and will hopefully send them out in the next week or so. I have also been told once to not be afraid to cold call many local companies and their human resources department and ask if they are hiring. Many times the information online is delayed or not as openly displayed. If I do not hear anything back before mid-May, I plan on using this strategy since I figure nothing too bad can come out of it. I have also already made an appointment with the career advisor at Queens College. I hope to learn more about more approaches to job-hunting.

Of course, I am going to stay in touch with all the other wonderful interns I have met thus far at my job. Many of them are seniors, some of them are not. I can already say I have made some strong connections with several of them and hopefully will continue to hear about the incredible journeys they will be going on and maybe even receive information about other establishments! Networking is so vital to this “game” and I try to seize every chance I get to chit-chat with whoever I bump into, whether it is the kitchen in the office or backstage area of the studio, crew or staff. It is important to get my face and name out there and utilize free time to gain more knowledge about how people got to where they are and what I can look forward to in my future.

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