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In a few sentences, state where you are working and what your primary responsibilities are. Then, please post your thoughtful responses to the following questions:

  1. What have you learned about working in the media that you did not know before your internship? Include here processes and procedures,  job titles you never knew of, how companies interact with other companies and so on.
  2. Is the internship what you expected? Why, or why not?
  3. Is there any way that you could improve your internship experience? Explain how.

Remember, this post should be like a journal entry. It is your thoughts and experiences and there are no right or wrong answers. However, it is an assignment and proper  grammar, spelling, thoughtfulness will count.

Also, feel free to comment on each others’ work.

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   Daniel Valverde

February 26, 2012 @ 12:46 am

I’m Danny and I intern at Universal Music Group for Universal Republic Records’ Publicity department. Some of my basic responsibilities include putting together press kits, creating press clips and servicing them to the company, assisting at special events and updating media lists. However, there is no exact routine to the day. Projects pop up all the time, some expected and some not, and usually everyone is working on something different (including the interns).

1. Interning for Republic Publicity, I’ve learned many things. Publicity, from my experience, is not a daily routine. While there are some things that we must do every day like press clippings and press alerts, it is more of a day by day job. Daily activities vary depending on events, the needs of artists, the publicists and the company. Also, I’ve come to learn that while some of the interactions between companies happen on the phone, most seem to happen through email because everyone is always so busy; email is a huge part of the job and must be consistently checked. Interestingly enough, apart from email, AIM is a popular way of communicating with everyone within the company.

2. I took PR as a class last semester and became very interested in it. It was kind of unexpected to learn, as it was pointed out to me during my interview, that there is a difference in the kind of public relations I’m in, as in publicity for an artist such as Dev or Tyga, and PR for a company or store, such as Sears or Nike for example. While the basics are the same, such as press releases and press clippings, there are things that differ. From what I learned in my PR class last semester, the PR department handles public opinions and feedback. They are in charge of setting up events and campaigns which will give the consumers a good perspective of their company. However, our publicists, for example, are responsible for contacting media outlets to setup interviews with media outlets, distribute press kits to contacts on their media lists and attend special events with or for artists. However, although there was a clear difference, the class provided a good foundation for this internship.

3. Due to my hectic schedule, I don’t intern any full days. At times I have to leave work for someone else to finish or incomplete so that I can work on it next time I come in. I think being able to devote an entire day rather than a few hours each day might improve my experience.


   Matthew Frank

February 27, 2012 @ 3:21 am

This Spring I am interning at SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s NFL Radio channel. This internship focuses on programming and production. Some of my basic responsibilities include audio editing, working with live audio boards and call screening. I’ve been working closely in the studio with the producers and board operators, and have also spent time in the newsroom, tracking developing stories and news across numerous media outlets.

I have only begun to scratch the surface in learning about the way SiriusXM works. Sirius and XM were two separate subscription-based satellite radio companies until their merger in 2008. Many employees I have met at SiriusXM worked at one of these two companies prior to the merger. In addition to several NYC locations, the company also has offices/studios in Washington D.C., and other US cities. While most radio personalities affiliated with the NFL Radio channel host their shows from other locations, the production staff resides mainly in the tri-state area. The staff consists of producers who are usually assigned to a specific show, and board operators who work several shifts a week across multiple channels. The producers communicate with the hosts and executive producers to plan their daily shows, and book guests by maintaining contacts throughout the industry such as player agents, team public relations officials, etc. For large-scale events relevant to the world of football, (such as the Super Bowl, scouting combine, or training camp) several hosts and producers will broadcast on location.

I have been somewhat surprised by a few things at SiriusXM. First, their entire office operates on an outdated windows operating system, which is still functional, but often unreliable, slow, and far from state-of-the-art. Many shows are also still recorded on CD-R’s, which allows them to be uploaded onto a computer to be edited and posted to Facebook, Twitter, or to be re-used for another point in the show. I found these features somewhat surprising since I figured that the company would rely on more modern equipment for recording programs, but it seems to serve them well. Also, many of the employees I’ve worked with actually served as interns when they were beginning their careers, and have stayed at SiriusXM for many years.

With some justification, it has taken some time for the producers and board operators to give me more responsibility. They produce shows that are listened to by thousands across North America; it is fair of them to be hesitant to delegate too much responsibility to a new intern. For now, I intend on demonstrating a strong work ethic to these employees, while at the same time learning as much as I can about the structure of the industry. I also hope to gain more trust from some of the producers and operators, and some contacts in sports media that can help me in the future.



February 27, 2012 @ 3:40 am

I an currently interning at Nickelodeons Video Game division at Viacom located in the heart of Time Square. This is my first internship and my first experience in an actual media company. Viacom is a fascinating place to work at. There are so many sub-divisions within the company that include MTV, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, Showtime, Spike TV and so on. This is the ideal place to work at if media is the thing you want to do for a living. Each division employs hundreds of people, each assigned to the task they were hired for. Our division alone has a whole floor dedicated to just video games, from writers to character design and development. Interestingly the actual development of games are done by hired developers. We supply the ideas and the IP. Nickelodeon games rarely interacts with the rest of Viacom.

The first day of my internship, I got seriously ill with food poisoning and was bed ridden for the first week, so that was a bummer. When I returned the week after, I was asked for my opinion on certain game play mechanics and we surveyed kids play testing our games to make sure not only if its functional but asked for opinions for improvements. Other days I spend all day playing videogames. This may seem like fun, but honestly I wish I was doing more. I was hoping to learn about the whole process of videogame making and playing all day is actually quite boring. I was hoping for a more hands experience with this internship, but its still early so lets see.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be part of the game making experience and this is where I want to be, I want to work for Viacom. I asked many of the workers on how they got their job here and the majority got it through internships like mine. But I’m concerned that this particular one is not helping prepare to get to the next level.

But it is still early and I am hopeful.

Nelson Torres


   Alexis Futoran

February 27, 2012 @ 3:42 am

Hey there everyone! My name is Alexis and I am currently interning at Photo Finish Records. Photo Finish is a subsidiary label under Atlantic Records. I intern specifically in the marketing department. However, since the label is small I get to dabble in all aspects of the label. My main responsibilities include maintaining all social network accounts for the artists on the label, sifting through the demos submitted by aspiring musicians, communicating with the members of our street teams, and shipping merchandise. I have also began a long term project at the label. The project I am working on is a video blog called Wish You Were Here. Its a weekly blog that will include behind the scenes footage of the record label as well as back stage footage of concerts and interviews with artists on the label.

I have learned a plethora of information about artist management and marketing since the beginning of my internship. It is so unbelievably important with marketing to stay constantly aware of the newest up and coming social media websites. For example, the new website “Pinterest” was shown to me by one of my supervisors when I first started and now it is becoming very popular. Also, I am slowly learning how important it is to be sure of copyrighted logos, footage, etc.

This internship has been exactly what I expected so far. At my interview I was told that I would get as much out of this internship as I put in and I believe that is correct. Every day that I am there I constantly ask what else I can do so that I gain more knowledge and can prove that I am an asset. What I did not expect was how such a small number of people can do work that effect such a large number of people. Also, I did not expect to learn that only one person in the entire department had knowledge in video editing. This actually works in my favor though because now I can show my value and I have already been given multiple projects to work on including editing.

I believe that to improve my experience at this internship I could add the number of days that I am there. Unfortunately, with my day job and school that is not an option. I really do think that I am getting as much out of this internship as possible and I am working harder than I ever thought I would at Photo Finish.


   Diana Fiorino

February 27, 2012 @ 5:42 am

Hi, I’m Diana and I intern at Killingsworth Recording Company on Long Island. My primary responsibilities are cleaning consoles and work stations, inventory microphones and set up and break down microphones. I also observe recording sessions and assist the talent, run errands for supervisors and take phone calls and return e-mails.

What I have learned about working in this form of media is that there is a lot going into production. There are scheduled days for recording certain parts. For instance, one day can be strictly for recording and perfecting vocals. Some may think of a record being completed in one full session, thinking of the band jamming together and then comes the editing. Seeing a giant board with set schedules of who’s doing what on these days within these hours makes it clear that a lot has to go into it. One job title I never heard of was analog specialist where the person specifically deals with tape recordings. Every job counts because every little detail counts. Killingsworth currently has one other location, it’s headquarters, in Los Angeles, CA. They are also associated with The Chamberlin Agency. The Los Angeles location and Chamberlain are the two companies most interactive with the New York location. They mainly converse over different artists they plan on recording or flying out, etc. The owner of the Los Angeles location has also done work for Disney and Hollywood Records though I’ve never witnessed any interaction between those companies.

The internship is what I expected it to be. Though experiencing it first hand makes me have a better understanding and respect for the music industry. The only thing I would improve is to have more managerial work which obviously will come in time. For now, everything is going as it should and I have a great feeling about this.



February 27, 2012 @ 5:42 am

Danielides Communications, Inc.

This semester I got the opportunity to intern with Danielides Communications, Inc. DCI is a Public Relations Firm located in midtown just a few minutes away from Radio City Hall. DCI takes pride in meeting each and every client differently and effectively according to their specific needs. DCI has a very small and effective team working diligently to meet each and every clients needs. Thus, the interns are expected to contribute and work hard as the rest of the team. Interns are required to complete various tasks, which include online and offline research, assembling media kits, developing media lists, writing press releases and other clerical work.
After interning with DCI for a month I released that PR is not as glamorous as it is portrayed in mass media. There are a lot of paperwork and research involved, I thought that research is mostly done in marketing but it is completely false. As I realize now, in order to fully understand and “think” like the clients, one must to do a lot of research and paperwork. Additionally, PR plays a role of a sales department where one must sale and showcase our clients in the outmost respectable and efficient way possible to the press, media, other companies and the clients themselves. DCI is professional when is comes to work and appearances as well as friendly and accessible to all their clients and other companies. Anyone can walk into the office and know that what they are looking for or expecting from DCI will be meet in a timely and professional manner.
When is first walked into to DCI on my first interview, I did not know what to expect. I noticed that the office was extremely clean, organized and the staff was friendly and well mannered. I realized that if I was given the chance than I would want to work here, because of the professional manner that DCI presents themselves. After my interview I was sold, because of the way my mentor explained about the company, the interns positions and last but not least all the hands on experience I would receive from working in such a small company. Thus, on my first day I was given a full set of tasks both online as well as offline. I am quite impressed and content with my choice of internship because I am learning how to use cision’s, visit different companies, and experience new opportunities such as going to a taping of the ABC’s show “The Chew,” helping Apollo Theater, and much more.
I cannot think of a specific way to help improve my experience at DCI, as I am still learning. My mentor has been great, she has helped me use cision in a manner where I am learning independently, which is amazing. I would like to continue to visit and experience new and different opportunities outside of DCI to broaden my experience in PR.

Oni Begum


   Danielle Bailey

February 27, 2012 @ 6:09 am

I’m Danielle and I’m currently interning at MTV Productions. I spend my weeks alternating between their office in Times Square and another on Hudson Street. When at the Times Square office, I’m working with the weekly countdown show 10 on Top and I assist some of the associate producers by transcribing interview footage verbatim, screening various footage and making note of particular shots, making runs to the edit facility in the West Village, and I have helped out on a shoot as well. When I’m down at Hudson, I’m working with the show Made. Here I have transcribed video, picked up/dropped off/tested video and sound equipment, and they have said that they will be bringing the interns into a casting session later in the semester. Because the interns bounce around, and are not in frequent contact with our internship supervisors, we are required to submit weekly journals of our experiences for them.

This internship has definitely taught me a lot so far. I really had no idea of the amount of work necessary to put together a weekly clip show, or even a reality show for that matter. The amount of footage that needs to be combed through is staggering, time-consuming, and not always fun to go through, but I have come to understand why it is important to the editing process. When a program has to be 22 minutes long, having a verbatim transcription of the interviews makes it easier to edit answers down, eliminating pauses, ums, and stuttering. Made is another thing all together. There are producers, cameramen, and production assistants in the field that go away and shoot in several different locations for months at a time! It can take a real toll on them. The PAs who stay in the office transcribe footage and assist in the editing process in post-production. In that office, I also can hear some of the casting directors on the phone talking to potential talent, and once the kid is picked, hear producers calling around to various establishments getting permission to film there. There’s just so much that never even entered my mind before working here.

This internship is not quite what I expected (I would like a little more time on shoots), but that’s not a bad thing, because I am gaining a better understanding of television production as a whole. I am improving my internship experience by networking, not just with my fellow interns, but with all of the production assistants and producers I work with. The thing I like about MTV/Viacom is that the vast majority of their employees got their starts as interns there, so they are always friendly and helpful. And of course, there is the possibility that I will be able to graduate this spring and go right into a job – which would be amazing!


   Mary Fetters

February 27, 2012 @ 6:50 am

I am interning for the marketing department at Sumneva, a technology company that sells a security product and offers training and consulting.
I have been exposed to many aspects of marketing in the software industry: event management, public relations, web content management, database management, social media, graphic design, and branding. Sumneva is in the process of updating their marketing materials. It was really interesting to sit in during a meeting with the web design consultant helping to refresh and update marketing collateral for Sumneva. I learned about branding, an entirely new term and concept to me. A brand is the idea or image of the company or their product or service that consumers will identify, recognize, and differentiate within competitive products. A successful brand will build a good reputation for the company. The Brand Planner is the title of the individual responsible for managing the design, research, and execution of new brands for companies. While Sumneva is only updating marketing materials and not their brand, it was interesting to learn about this part of the business.

Every week at Sumneva has been very informative. While I’m responsible for picking up the marketing information phone line, I’m anxious to take on more responsibility. Thus far I have attended many meetings, participated in training, and taken lots of notes. The company runs seminars each week to educate clients on new services. I have helped invite new prospects to these seminars by sending out email blasts to their existing install base. Many clients call the hotline asking for product information or to ask a technical question prompted from one of the online seminars. This past week I began an outbound marketing campaign for the website. I have been following up with all prospects that have requested a username and password for the website in the last sixty days. I call the prospects and follow a list of questions to gather information on their needs. My goal is to qualify these leads and understand where to route them, typically the sales department or the technical team.

Sumneva has many internal systems and I found it helpful to repetitiously frequent all of these systems often. Their internal contact management system is fascinating – it tracks how often clients are on their website, what they are checking out, and how long they spent evaluating a certain part of the site. It also provides the marketing team statistics and graphs on each customer profile (their interests and needs).

My initial evaluation of working here is that everyone is extremely organized. Not only does everyone communicate often but everything is project based and every project includes an acronym. Therefore SMI (Sumneva’s Marketing Initiative) is the name of the new project to update marketing collateral.

They have a small social media presence on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. It will be insightful to learn more about how they approach increasing this presence. I look forward to being apart of the research involved in making this happen.



February 27, 2012 @ 1:31 pm

I’m Alisha McLean and I intern with Women Make Movies, a non-profit multicultural film distribution organization. I am in the Marketing department and I help update the fun facts on the WMM website, I research the emails for various organizations that would be interested in WMM movies, and I watch screenings of movies about to be marketed and promoted and give feedback. Since I have started interning, I’ve learned about some of the funders that WMM works with which are National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and The Friends of Women Make Movies.

I also learned a little about how they approach distribution and marketing for a film when I sat in on the staff meeting. I heard pitches, and updates on prior assignments from every staff member as well as what was done for WMM’s 40 year anniversary that just pasted 2 weeks ago. WMM was awarded the honorary Chicken and egg award by one of their filmmakers and I watched the ceremony on film.

I knew I would get to watch films in their database but I didn’t know I would be helping with acquisitions where I watch a film that WMM is trying to decide if they should take it on. Then I write a review about the film, its content and aesthetic quality, how it could be marketed and who it could be specifically marketed to like clubs, museums, college classes or associations. March is also their busy month which I didn’t know before hand when I started in February.

Learning more about the contracts and what they entail as well as what a standard contract for first-time and experienced filmmakers look like is one of the ways they could improve my internship experience. They said they would have a meeting with interns and staff for this but it hasn’t happened just yet. Also they could peer me with a staff member in their Production Assistance program so I can see how they provide fiscal sponsorship to both emerging and established women filmmakers.



February 27, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

Hi Alexis, I learned about “Pinterest” and “” at my internship as well. Keeping up with new social media is important.



February 27, 2012 @ 2:09 pm

My name is Omar and I am an intern at MTV/Viacom VH1 off-air creative team. My basic responsibilities are to log and capture tapes that are requested, drop-offs and pick-ups of tapes, accompany my supervisor to editing sessions and audio sessions. I also help other employees of different departments such as the on-air creative team.
What I did not know about the type of media I am interning for is how many different locations one must go to get different things done. I thought everything would be in the same floor or at least the same building, but to my surprise, there is 3 different locations that I have been for editing an audio sessions. From what I have learned is that, my supervisor has a promo she is working on, and she goes down to the editing room, or the ER is what it is called in my building, and over there we meet with an independent editor that works on the project in the manner that my supervisor wants. This is the same process for the other 2 locations. Those 2 locations are Nutmeg studios and also an independent editor. That is pretty much the most I have done due to the fact that there are no meetings on Thursdays and Fridays when I work.
The internship is not what I expected because I thought I would be more occupied then I am. It seems with the type of media I am in; we need the green light from the producer of the channel in order for us to have work.
Unfortunately since there seems to be a lot of down time, which does upset me, I am also walking around getting to know other departments or higher up individuals. I am networking with interns but with other employees of the company in order to get more work to do and to put my name out in the industry. An example of this, is how I introduced myself to an assistant producer at the VH1 floor that I am on, and I did a few jobs for her and she invited me to work for her one night at fashion week at a show she was producing with ladies of the shows from VH1. These shows are “Love and Hip-Hop”, “Basketball Wives” and “Mob Wives”. With this I have been occupying myself and putting out a good name for myself.


   Shahida Hossain

February 27, 2012 @ 6:04 pm

My name is Shahida Hossain and I have been interning at the Queens College Communications office. I work closely with the Marketing Department under director Steven Whalen. We work closely to develop integrated communications, through Medias of print, broadcast, video, and the web in order to present Queens College’s uniqueness accurately. As an intern in this department I edit a lot of the videos that go on to various websites like the QC webpage, The QC YouTube page , the QC iTunes feed. In many instances, I have also been given the opportunity to lead entire productions of small videos, this includes pre-production planning, writing, filming, and post-production.
This internship has been an exceptional learning experience for me, every day I learn new things about working in the media field. First, I have been able to learn a lot more about editing on Final Cut Pro. Editing for hours on end twice a week really gives me the experience needed to sharpen my skills in this sector and has given me the confidence to be creative in the editing process. Working in this field has also taught me how to research new and innovative editing software which is a vital necessity in the editing field because of the various video formats and constantly changing software that arrive. I have also learned a great deal about Marketing, like how to put myself in the mind frame of the consumer and audience, instead of thinking based on personal opinion. I have also learned how important it is in marketing to take advantage of the internet and social media sites which have the ability to reach a large audience quickly and sufficiently. One eye opening thing that I have noticed working here is how much bureaucracy is involved in business. It seems like everyone has a boss and your work is always check before it can have a life of itself, though this has its positives, it also makes for a slower production process and it can sometimes get frustrating when you are trying to advance a project but you have to wait for multiple people to get on board. I have noticed this a lot with Communications department, since it is such a big administration with various sectors a lot of organization and communication is needed to make work happen. Consequently I have learned the importance of organization and communication amongst colleagues.
This internship has actually exceeded my expectations. At first I thought it would be a lot of work and cause me a lot of stress and anxiety, but thankfully I have been given the opportunity to work with a great department of people that have been so kind to me and have taught me a lot. I was scared at first and thought maybe I may have gone over my head signing up for a 6 credit internship, but it is actually a very comfortable job and has worked well with my class schedule since I do work and go to class on the same campus. Actually, this has been the best job that I have ever had, I get to do what I love to do which is to learn and work in the media field, and I get to do all of this in my own office in my own school!
I don’t think I would change anything about my internship experience except for one detail. Even though I am participating in a paid internship, it really doesn’t pay a quarter of all the expenses I have being an independent student and it can get hard to balance out all the expenses of life. However, I know it is an internship and I have to put in the time and effort into learning about the field I want to work in before I can expect a real job.



February 27, 2012 @ 11:38 pm

My name is Tangila Anowar and I am interning for ABC’s The Chew. I work one full day in the studio where two tapings are filmed, and one full day at the offices where we prepare for the shows for the following week. I have mainly worked in the Audience Department so far. This consists of ticketing, taking care of the holding area, escorting people into seats, and managing guests of the producers. I have also taken a part in researching topics and celebrities for special shows as well as assisting the culinary department with managing budget for food. There are of course general duties that all interns fulfill like running errands and transcribing footage.

I have learned that working in a studio for a television talk show on its first season means putting in the hours! I work about twelve full hours on studio days and recognize that there are people who are there working longer than us. February sweeps meant that the program aimed for their highest ratings since it needed to be renewed. The work environment was hectic and intense at times because the producers intended to create the best content for segments and pull out all the stops for exciting shows. All interns spent time contacting magazine outlets for the Talent Department and working with Wardrobe to ensure the hosts and makeover guests had the best. The thing that has surprised me working here is the realization that my main duties are very similar to a PA on set with the exception of us not handling significant things like purchase orders and going on more runs. As an intern, I get the opportunity to interact with all sectors in the offices and that gives me a chance to view more of what each job entails.

This internship is not exactly what I had expected before, only because I did not fully allow myself to be set with an idea of how it would be. I was taken aback by the fact that there are about six to seven interns working in the studio or offices at one time. Although I am glad to have company from my peers and feel the camaraderie, I also know that there is a competition there when we all have the same goals. I have been working for The Chew for a month now and already, I have learned to hone in my professional communication skills by making many phone calls and occasionally speaking with heads of the company. It is a very hands-on experience and I love the fact that all interns are rotated every four weeks or so into a different area in the studio. I cannot wait to work with the script supervisor or settle into more of the production side. I can improve on my internship by networking a lot more and asking more about how people have gotten into the position they are in now. I think this will help me more after I graduate so I can navigate myself into a job. I also have been realizing that smiling and seeming more upbeat can change how people approach you. This is a staff that works extremely long hours, and to have an individual who is outwardly excited to take orders after ten hours can make all the difference as to how they perceive your passion for the industry or your work ethic. We are all advised to take care of ourselves at all times and fit in lunch whenever we can because it’s a job where we must keep our energy up and perform physical duties.


   Diana K

February 28, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

I started my internship at Red PR with little clue what kind of work I would be doing. I was always curious about public relations, but what really drove me to apply was that they represented my favorite nail company, CND. Now after two months, I still never know what my day is going to be like until I get to the office. The only things I am regularly expected to do are some organizing tasks, monthly product inventories and some media monitoring. The work flow in this office is completely unpredictable, but since I’ve learned how to do more

1) I’ve learned a bit about media monitoring and how important it is to a PR agency. I’ve put together monthly placement reports which take a lot of time and tedious work, but they’re necessary, because they show clients what they’re getting from our service.

Julia (the founder) hired an outside consultant one day to do a thorough assessment of their business, and to come up with a future vision and a plan of action for them. Their biggest problem, their over-dependence on a single client, CND, was not news to anyone. The consultant calculated that were putting way more time and manpower into serving CND than we were getting paid for, which was also why no one could find the time to pursue new clients. The numbers were pretty startling, we were doing a lot of work for free. We ended with an action plan which included bi-weekly meetings to discuss new business prospects, a website redesign, and more, but Fall 2012 Fashion Week and a crisis with a Good Housekeeping story got in the way. Watching this unfold, I realized the constantly chaotic work days were just a part of the job. No one can predict when a disastrous story will arise

2) Just the huge variety of things I got to see and experience have already made this internship more rewarding than I’d ever imagined. Thus far, I’ve done everything from filing & organizing, to giving a colleague emergency manicures, to helping out backstage at shows during fashion week. than I’d ever imagined. One thing that surprised me comfortable work environment with no dress code (though nails always have to look great).

3) One thing I wish had been different is the disruptive staffing changes that have happened in just the time I’ve been there . I wasn’t given much instruction at first because the main woman in charge of interns (who conducted my interview and hired me) was moving to Chicago that week. The girl who took her place had only been hired a month before me, so many tasks were a bit unclear and took longer at first, but we quickly developed a good work rapport. She was my direct supervisor so she saw far more of my performance than anyone else in the office. Given that, I was very disappointed a few weeks ago when she handed in her two weeks notice to leave for a better paying job.


   Talia Schizzano

March 5, 2012 @ 3:40 pm

I am working at Bravo Media Studios, it is a production studio with an editing room and 2 green screen rooms. My daily duties include editing various projects that need to be put together, logging footage, and editing photos. Sometimes I get to watch the other workers in there more advanced tasks like After Effects. Something I learned about working in the media that I did not know before is that editing is something that almost everyone in the field can do, in a basic way. Even the producer, the graphics artist, etc. they all know on some level how to edit. It makes me feel confident that my skills will grow beyond editing as well. Also, when a client needs a project done, they come in to watch a rough cut of the video and the company gets comments on their opinion. I’m glad the client is involved in the process. The internship is a little less than what I expected, but I know in time I will start to do more. Right now I am editing all day various projects, they aren’t the most exciting projects but I’m aware that I am an intern. I haven’t been able to work on the set of anything yet which is something they said I would be able to do. The environment is good for me, I am more comfortable than I expected, and it is a lot better than my last internship. The people are very easy going and young, they are never going to treat me in a negative way as long as I am doing what I need to. I am there to learn. I also would like to speak up and start learning from the other workers a little bit more. I get feedback from one person mainly, but I would like to branch out to the other people who work on other programs. Like I said, to improve my experience, maybe I should speak up a little more about doing other things and watching more people. I ask a lot of questions on the projects I am working on, and I am doing a lot of things I’ve never done before, but I would still like to broaden my horizons. I would really like to learn After Effects, and they gave me the program. It would be nice to sit down with someone and get a little knowledge of the basics. But everyone is busy doing work during the day, so I understand it’s difficult for them to stop what they are doing to teach me.

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