3rd and Final Blog Post

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Your final blog post is  a reflection on your internship experience. In thinking about what you did over the course of the past semester, include information about the following:

  1. There are a few important questions to consider coming out of an internship: is this a company would like to work for full time? are there positions in the company/field I would like to pursue? OR Having done this internship, I know this is a career/industry/position I would never want to have. Which one of these describes your situation? Be specific. (For example, I worked as a production assistant for 6 months and after running around getting coffee, sitting for hours on a set wait for one thing or another, I knew production was not for me.)
  2. What is the most important thing–good or bad–that you learned from this experience?
  3. Did you network as much as you could? Are they people you will be able to stay in touch with?
  4. Would you recommend this internship to other students at QC?

Feel free to add other information that might not be covered in these questions.

DUE DATE: Monday, May 14

Please post your answers as a comment to this post.

Internship Question #2

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In the book “Careers in the Media,” you need to read/review the following:

  1. Read Chapter 1 for an overview of the industry
  2. Read the chapter related to the area you are most interested in working in. This may or may not be connected to your internship.
  3. Throughout the book, there are Personal Profiles in which people describe how they got their job. You should read these whether they are in the chapter related to your area of interest or not. They provide helpful tips for job hunting.
  4. Read Appendix B: Employment websites

After doing the reading and reviewing the job search web sites, write an action plan for the next steps in your career based on what you learned. If you are graduating, what do you need to do over the next two months in order to land a job? If you have a year or more before your graduate, what do you need to do to best position yourself to be successful when you do graduate?

Be specific. This should include everything from research you need to do on companies, to how you will improve your resume, to how you will put a plan together for networking within the industry. The more thoroughly you think about this (and then hopefully execute it), the more likely you will be to land the job you want. (You may bullet point your action plan, but the bullets should have some substance– For example, “Revise resume” is not an acceptable bullet point.)

If you have questions, come see me during office hours.

This assignment is due Monday, April 2.

Blog Post Question #1

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In a few sentences, state where you are working and what your primary responsibilities are. Then, please post your thoughtful responses to the following questions:

  1. What have you learned about working in the media that you did not know before your internship? Include here processes and procedures,  job titles you never knew of, how companies interact with other companies and so on.
  2. Is the internship what you expected? Why, or why not?
  3. Is there any way that you could improve your internship experience? Explain how.

Remember, this post should be like a journal entry. It is your thoughts and experiences and there are no right or wrong answers. However, it is an assignment and proper  grammar, spelling, thoughtfulness will count.

Also, feel free to comment on each others’ work.

Welcome Spring ’12 Interns

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Over the course of the semester, you will post your responses to three thought-provoking questions that I will post here. I will alert you via email that the question has been posted and the date when your response is due. This information also appears on the syllabus.

This blog should also be used as a forum by interns to share your experiences. That said, please be thoughtful and polite. This is still an academic blog and not a place for disrespecting your fellow classmates. That said, the more you use each other the more helpful this blog will be. You should post your entry as a “comment” on my blog post. You must be registered to comment. To register go to qwriting.qc.cuny.edu.

Be sure to get the syllabus from Blackboard and review it carefully. It has changed significantly from previous semesters.




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